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Charging solutions at your fingertips.


The American Charging Company


Welcome to our online page where we offer a full range of smartphone, tablet and laptop charging solutions in San Antonio and throughout TX.  Please contact us with your charging needs from solar-powered power banks to

multi-device charging towers that will accommodate phones, tablets and up to 17" laptops.


New Trade Winds LLC is a solutions company, and we have (or will find) the solution that best suits your needs. 

Image by Vivek Kumar

The Story of New Trade Winds

New Trade Winds, LLC provides Smartphone Charging Technology to a wide variety of end users including educational, hospitals and health care facilities and commercial users.


Our most successful charging stand can charge 8 devices simultaneously, while our security enabled locker models charge phones in user-selected coded and locked bays with superior quality.   


We also offer on-grid and off-grid technology, mains and solar powered. Our range includes charging tables, hubs, wall workstations, benches, and a plethora of other technologies to suit individualized needs. 


For off-grid charging, our new EdgePower system provides wall power to inaccessible locations via a system of rechargeable and hot swappable batteries.   


Please contact us should you require a closer look at any of our technologies or are in need of rare charging solutions.


If you can envision it, we can help you charge and connect it.

Contact Us


P.O Box 591743

San Antonio, TX 78259


Phone line: 501-240-1731

Fax: 435-487-5000



We will reach you shortly!

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