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Technology solutions at your fingertips.

The American Tech-Solution Company


Welcome to our online page where we offer a full range of our advanced technology solutions, security systems, and facilitation equipment. Please contact us with your technological and logistical needs, from exceptional charging stands, secure digital signage, professional kiosks, to our superb ACS systems and software: We hope to always provide you with the upmost quality and commitment to finding your niche' solution.

New Trade Winds LLC is a tech-solutions company, as we believe we will always have the solution you're looking for.

Image by Vivek Kumar

The Story of New Trade Winds

We believe we can provide advanced solutions that help businesses and individuals alike succeed in today's ever-changing world. Our solutions are designed to make life easier, more efficient, and more productive. With state of the art merchandise, we strive to offer American-made products that enhance the customer and company experience. With innovative security systems, self-service hardware, charging solutions, facilitation products as well as a passion to provide continuous support;

New Trade Winds LLC. will always pursue innovation and efficiency for your needs.

Contact Us

P.O Box 591743

San Antonio, TX 78259


Phone line: 501-240-1731

Fax: 435-487-5000


We will reach you shortly!

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