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Rental Services

Our charging solutions are essential business tools that keep customers and clients happy, all whilst delivering personalized advertising on important company products, services, and skills. We believe our rental charging smartphone stand can provide the perfect addition to serve your business patrons.

The New Trade Winds, LLC smartphone charging station is a commercial-grade charging unit which can be stand or wall-mounted and is designed to withstand continuous, uninterrupted, high-capacity usage. Each stand can accommodate up to 8-devices at once through the 8 supplied armored cables (3 x Apple Lightning, 3 x Micro USB, 2 x type C) and is able to charge 99% of all phones and tablets utilizing the Qualcomm QC 3.0 - Standard for fast, reliable, and reduced temperature charging.
The New Trade Winds, LLC design was rigorously tested prior to its release with thousands in daily operation across the globe. With optional customization and limitless usage, the user-charging experience has never been better.

Give Your Customers Free Phone Charging and Promote Your Company Simultaneously!


We all know the feeling when one of our devices runs out of juice. The New Trade Winds 8-cable smartphone charger will recharge up to 8 smartphones or devices at the same time. Your customers will appreciate the favor! Smartphone chargers are an essential business tool to keep your customers’ smartphones, tablets, power banks and headsets charged while they wait. You reinforce your brand, advertise your products, and promote your services.

Our charging solutions are perfect for locations such as:
Medical Offices ● Spas ● Hair Salons ● Gyms ● Government Facilities ● Country Clubs ● Restaurants ● Assisted Living Facilities ● Emergency Clinics ● All Waiting Rooms ● Group Events ● Law Offices ● Universities ● Colleges ● Schools ● Training Facilities ●

Black acrylic housing - Wall-mounted / Stand-mounted.
Back-plate Dime
nsions: 18.9” wide x 12.8” high x 1.57” deep.
Unit Safety Certificates: CE/RoHS.

Electrical Specifications:

Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Standard: (“Dual Charge” and “Optimal Voltage with Battery Saver Technology).
Safe: Fast charging - overcharging and short circuit protection included.
Input: AC Adaptor - 100 ~ 240V 50/60MHz. CE/FCC/UL/PSE Certified.
Output: 8 Charging Ports - DC 5V/2.4A.
3 x Apple Lightning, 3 x Micro USB, 2 x type C “armored” cables.



Our rental smartphone stands start at $99 per calendar month, including a customized backplate, delivery, pickup and service in this cost. Because our smartphone rental service includes a customized backplate design we require a minimum of a 4 - month rental period for the initial contract that is extended automatically monthly until it is cancelled by either party. A full month’s notice of intent to cancel after the initial 4-month contract period is required.

Why lease/rent?

Nobody wants to see an out of order sign or a broken cable on a smartphone stand. By including preventive maintenance in the form of regularly scheduled visits to your business to inspect and replace any cables with fraying or damaged cables, stands are kept in tip-top shape and free of worrisome issues. Most smartphone charging systems that do not have a service contract covering cable damage replacement are ultimately taken out of service. A good quality product combined with ongoing service is the key to keeping your smartphone charger stand operable.

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