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New Trade Winds, LLC has been in the smartphone charging equipment arena since 2014 and has a wealth of experience in design, placement and service practices garnered since entering the field.
We have installations in educational facilities, hospitals, government facilities, and commercial businesses. New Trade Winds, LLC services all of the equipment that we supply. Service issues are of great importance as this is an area that most buyers regretfully do not study before they buy equipment. It is of paramount importance to make sure that whatever you purchase or rent is inspected and serviced to keep the equipment in full working order.

What we offer in consulting:

Graphic Design

Experts in Adobe.

Most of the items we sell or lease can be wrapped in colors and designs which represent your business and business goals. Prior to final delivery of one of our smartphone charging stations, we will furnish graphic designs of how your stand will look when placed in your waiting room.

SEO Optimization

Reach those who need you.

We develop quick SEO Optimization. With a interest in providing your site the best detail and quality it deserves, it also deserves great coverage on all search engines.

Data Research 

Understand what's important.

We curate essential data for you. Whether figuring necessary data or discovering what is most popular for you, we will assist in you in choosing your most popular products, KPIs, and other essential data.

Rental Services

Our charging solutions are essential business tools that keep customers and clients happy, all whilst delivering personalized advertising on important company products, services, and skills. We believe our emergency rental charging services can provide the perfect solution to your needs.

The New Trade Winds, LLC smartphone charging station is a commercial-grade charging unit which can be stand or wall-mounted and is designed to withstand continuous, uninterrupted, high-capacity usage. Each stand can accommodate up to 8-devices at once through the 8 supplied armored cables (3 x Apple Lightning, 3 x Micro USB, 2 x type C) and is able to charge 99% of all phones and tablets utilizing the Qualcomm QC 3.0 - Standard for fast, reliable, and reduced temperature charging.

The New Trade Winds, LLC design was rigorously tested prior to its release with thousands in daily operation across the globe. With optional customization and limitless usage, the user-charging experience has never been better.


Our charging solutions are perfect for a multitude of locations, including but not limited to:

Medical Offices Spas Hair Salons Gym's  Government Facilities  Country Clubs  Restaurant's

Assisted Living  Emergency Clinics  Waiting Rooms  Events  Law Offices  Universities


Black acrylic housing - Wall-mounted / Stand-mounted.
Quick-Change - reversible graphic/advertising panel.
Back-plate Dimensions: 18.9” wide x 12.8” high x 1.57” deep.
Unit Safety Certificates: CE/RoHS.


Electrical Specifications:
Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Standard: (“Dual Charge” and “Optimal Voltage with Battery Saver Technology).
Safe: Fast charging - overcharging and short circuit protection included.

Input: AC Adaptor - 100 ~ 240V 50/60MHz. CE/FCC/UL/PSE Certified.
Output: 8 Charging Ports - DC 5V/2.4A.
3 x Apple Lightning, 3 x Micro USB, 2 x type C “armored” cables.
Quick Change USB connectors for ease of service.

What we offer in rental:

Emergency Charging

Experts in solutions.

With expertly crafted materials, we want to offer our complementary charging at approachable price points. Our rental services start at $99 per calendar month, including a customized backplate, delivery, service and pickup in this cost. Because our rental service is exclusive, we require a minimum 3-month rental period for the initial contract that is extended automatically each month until terminated. A two-week notice of intent to cancel is required.

Superior Promotion

Reach those who need you.

The New Trade Winds, LLC charging stand features a fully customizable signage area with a graphic panel that can be changed out in minutes to allow rapid, personalized customization. Users can replace the advertising panel without technical supervision allowing several themed back plates on hand to advertise specials or new procedures that need exposure to their respective clientele.

Unparralled Construction

Dedicated build quality.

With Black acrylic housing, a Wall-mounted / Stand-mounted Quick-Change system and reversible graphic/advertising panel, our construction stands the test of time.

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