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Illuminated Cables

Charge with confidence.

Luxury Charging Cables

Beautifully Lit Charging.


The New Trade Winds, LLC Illuminated Logo Cable allows the user to charge their telephones, tablets, or other devices simply and easily from any source of power.


When connected to a source of power, the central boss illuminates and highlights the emblazoned logo highlighting your company logo which reminds the user of the source of the staff appreciation gift. This accessory keeps your company name in front of the user at all times and adds a constant reminder of your generosity. 


Each cable is packaged in its own box with room for a business card or other note to be inserted.


Major features include:

  • Multiple Connections.

  • 2.4 AMPS per connection.

  • Clear Lighting.

  • Unlimited branding and design capabilities.

  • Multiple cables customizable to your specifications.

  • MFI-Certified cables.

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