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Our Solutions

We understand that healthcare facilities require a comprehensive approach when it comes to improving safety and security for patients, visitors, and staff. Delivering solutions that allow enhanced patient experience and improve operational efficiency is the goal. 

  • Employee Access Control

Delivering the infrastructure for security and compliance as well as innovative applications of Mobile and Bluetooth technology. From 24-hour managed access to complex initiatives, our Retail Customer Access Control solution provides critical components that enhance customer experience and improve business performance.

  • Patient Signage

Self-service healthcare kiosks enhance security, increase patient satisfaction, and streamline the check-in process. Our kiosks are available in multiple configurations and support facilities of any size to optimize check-in for visitors, patients, staff and vendors.

wave sensors.PNG
  • Wave Sensors

ATM enclosures, toppers, and surrounds provide added value to your ATMs. These enhancements promote your brand and provide advertising opportunities for added revenue. They can also provide added security by integrating discreet cameras within. We create enclosures for indoor and outdoor ATMs.

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