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Charging Stands

Charge your community, anywhere.

Charging stands connect individuals.

A Charging stand with unlimited customization.


Each and every single charging stand will be custom made to your exact specifications; this would include it's themes, colorways, to even it's minute decals.


We want to offer each charging stand choice and customization, so, each and every unit is designed with multiple cables so that you can charge multiple electronics on a single stand. The accepted electronics are up to your specifications, as we use state of the art wiring and energy transfers to keep you connected, and safe.


Major features include:

  • 4, 6, 8 or even 10 wire connections.

  • 2.4 AMPS per connection.

  • Custom user input codes. 

  • UV lighting.

  • Unlimited branding and design capabilities.

  • Multiple cables customizable to your specifications.

  • MFI-Certified cables.

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