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Our Solutions

New Trade Winds is a leader in the security industry providing everything from access control systems to security camera housings. We provide the products needed to secure any facility. Remote monitoring solutions allow you to see what’s happening at multiple locations to take immediate action when needed. Our products are used by banks, schools, hospitals, corporate and government facilities, airports, and many other industries. 

  • Secure Access Control

Delivering the infrastructure for security and compliance as well as innovative applications of Mobile and Bluetooth technology. From 24-hour managed access to complex initiatives, our Secure Employee Access Control solution provides critical components that enhance the workplace and improve business performance.

  • Kiosks

Self-service banking kiosks enhance security, increase customer satisfaction, and streamline the check-in process. Our kiosks are available in multiple configurations and support facilities of any size to optimize check-in for visitors, staff, and vendors.

  • Detection Sensors

This high-definition presence detector is used to monitor and detect activity within a secure area. Mounting the unit to the ceiling prevents blind spots, and the sensor width can be calibrated as to not be activated by activity outside the secure area. 

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