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Our Solutions

Provide visitors with an interactive experience. Harness the power of New Trade Winds technologies to enhance your exhibits with the latest information and content. We provide solutions for site navigation, digital displays, and a safer, more satisfying experience overall.

  • Secure Access Control

Delivering the infrastructure for security and compliance as well as innovative applications of Mobile and Bluetooth technology. From 24-hour managed access to complex initiatives, our Retail Customer Access Control solution provides critical components that enhance customer experience and improve business performance.

  • WayFinding Kiosks

Make navigating around a museum easier with an interactive wayfinding kiosk. Let visitors find the exhibits that matter to them quickly and easily. NTW provides a variety of shapes and sizes of kiosks to fit all floor plans.

  • Digital Signage

Rather than static descriptions and images, add meaningful content digitally to exhibits. We make digital enclosures and signage to enhance displays and catch visitors' attention. Our software makes it easy to program and update for a fresh experience every time.

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