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Our Solutions

Provide an interactive experience for guests. Make hotels, restaurants, bars, or other venues even more exciting with a dynamic media experience. Parabit digital signage, wayfinding kiosks, and video walls provide the information and entertainment customers crave. Parabit also helps upgrade security to provide a safe environment for guests.

  • Surveillance Access

Optimize line of sight and facial image capture with surveillance camera housings. Housings accommodate all makes and models of miniature/modular cameras and support biometrics, edge analytics, AI, and DLPU. Flexible installation options such as Doorway, Counter Mount, Drive Up and Wall Mount offers a solution for every application. 

  • Kiosks

elf-service kiosks enhance security, increase customer satisfaction, and streamline the check-in process. Parabit kiosks are available in multiple configurations and support facilities of any size to optimize check-in for customers, staff, and vendors.

  • Facility Sensors

Proper lighting is a core security measure in every environment – Parabit’s light sensor is a cost-effective, reliable product to measure low light or no light conditions. The Light Sensor interfaces to any alarm panel to trigger alerts when light levels fall outside programmed foot-candle settings. Use it to receive notifications when parking lots go dark at night when offices or stores detect light when space should be dark when vestibules lose light when stairwells go dark, and hundreds of other applications. 

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