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Info Displays

Real-Time Updates on Arrivals, Departures and Wayfinding

Our displays offer transparency, and convenience to all customers.

With a flexibility to support landscape and portrait information, wayfinding and customer navigation has never been easier. Our displays offer the highest grade vandal-resistant materials and durable construction to withstand everyday use and functionality. These displays could are perfect for transportation hubs where terminals are, when buses arrive, or for easy-to-understand customer navigation in large commercial spaces. With limitless  customization, endless possibilities for advertising and branding, as well as consistent maintenance and software updates; Our information displays are at the top of line in the market.


Major features include:

  • Broadcast emergency notifications to travelers.

  • Headline news, local weather, sports scores and more.

  • Display current travel conditions and schedules.

  • Incorporate advertising to drive revenue. 

  • Flexibility To Support From 2 Screens In Landscape To
    8 Screens In Portrait.

  • Single Or Double Sided Options.

  • Multiple cables customizable to your specifications.

  • Web-Based Software With Advanced User Interfaces.

  • Unlimited Updates.

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