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ACS Software and Hardware

Security Software and Cameras

Our ACS products secure locations.

Delivering the infrastructure for security & compliance as well as innovative applications of Mobile & Bluetooth® Technology. From
24-hour managed access to complex initiatives, the ACS-1EUL provides critical components that enhance customer experience and
improve business performance. Providing security and customer safety through retail access control, ACS enterprises, or supervision software's, we hope to bring the top choice for security and access control to your location.


Major features include:

  • Physical Overlay & RFID Skimmer Detection Bluetooth®.

  • Single Customer / Group Access to Self-Service
    Lobbies & Rooms.

  • Real time transmission of Controller Events to AXSView
    Service Software.

  • Bootloader supports remote firmware updates via ACS
    Enterprise® Software.

  • MMR® 2.0 App SDK leverages NFC & Bluetooth® with
    Advanced Features & Analytics.

  • Generates email notification of critical events to programmed with
    email addresses and groups.

  • Displays real time updates of system health and detection alerts.

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