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Various advanced solutions.

Our Kiosks enhance the customer experience.

Designed to optimize flexibility from
configuration to installation and product sustainability, highest grade materials, best in class components and
exceptional craftsmanship deliver the reliability and durability that has become synonymous with the brand.


Our kiosks give you the flexibility your business needs. Hardware and software solutions from check-in and security badging to biometrics and custom alerts. Please find the model and features that work best for you.


Major features include:

  • Protect people and assets.

  • Efficient organizational & regulatory compliance.

  • Integrated physical and technical security. 

  • Third party integrations including access control.

  • Operational efficiency.

  • Enhanced data management and reporting.

  • Enterprise scalability.

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Parabit Brochure - Kiosks_Page_2_Image_0005.png
Parabit Brochure - Kiosks_Page_2_Image_0008.png
Parabit Brochure - Kiosks_Page_2_Image_0006.png
Parabit Brochure - Kiosks_Page_2_Image_0007.png
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